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Support companies or individuals to cross-border overseas to communicate with foreign friends online in real time, ensure the security of corporate data, help corporate employees increase their office efficiency by 30%, and protect individual cross-border workers!

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Simple - The interface is simple, easy to use and quick to get started

You can access it at any time through the browser, and the client can be updated seamlessly without secondary installation


Professional - platform marketing data synchronization in seconds

Chat content is end-to-end encrypted, perfect communication for multiple social conversation messages


Service - 5-minute customer service quick response

Full tracking of business and technical support, free training and service support

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Cross-border e-commerce application aggregation platform

Supports session aggregation on multiple social platforms
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Application aggregation platform

Support multiple social platforms
Multi-convergence aggregation

Automatically save cookies and log in directly. No need to scan the code twice

  • End-to-end encryption seamless updates

    End-to-end encrypted chat, integrated automatic updates, no need to download software twice

  • Smart Super shortcut keys and session proxy IP

    Convenient operation, diversified display forms, and functional services such as chat window splitting, aggregation, hiding, and language switching

Haiwang product features

The unique Haiwang APP advantage is coming strongly, multi-platform traffic counting, global two-way translation

All-in-one social platform aggregated chat

hatsapp Line Tiktok Twitter Instagram Telegram Zalo Facebook Messenger, etc. realize all-in-one aggregation and multi-functional instant chat

Intelligent fast multi-modal reply

Send multiple forms of marketing copy with one click, supporting text, pictures and other message formats

Intelligent real-time two-way translation engine

Supports real-time translation of global languages and integrates 200+ voice multi-line frameworks around the world

View contact marketing data in real time

Provide multi-dimensional data filtering and provide timely, visual and transparent data analysis and counting


Choose our advantages

  • Overseas marketing traffic statistics

    hatsapp Line Tiktok Twitter Instagram Telegram Zalo Facebook Messenger and other marketing traffic real-time statistics, automatic counting of friend growth, real-time accurate counting Accurately track the growth effect of overseas traffic

  • Chat real-time global language translation

    Customer service chat is translated in real time, so you can easily communicate with foreigners even if you don’t understand foreign languages. Supports real-time translation of 200+ mainstream languages around the world Connect to Google and other professional platforms for translation, quickly and accurately

  • Support internationalization and multiple languages

    One-stop cross-border services lead a new cross-border landscape, marketing communication is in place in one step, meeting customers’ business needs in multiple scenarios, and starting a new cross-border journey with Haiwang App

Haiwang goes to sea SCRM

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connects the whole world!